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Friday, March 30, 2012

Apollo 11 Engines Found!

The founder of Amazon.com and long time space enthusiast, Jeff Bezos, has claimed to have found the original five F-1 rocket engines that were used to launch Apollo 11 into space! As reported they are 14,000 feet deep in the ocean and his plans are to bring at least one of them up for public display. The Saturn V rocket, which used a cluster of five F-1 engines, is the largest and most powerful rocket ever built and was capable of approximately 32,000,000 horsepower! I wish Bezos the best of luck in his recovery efforts and can’t wait to see one.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where In The World Is Andy Nugent?

I first noticed the piece of masking tape on the lower marquee bracket of my Rally-X when I acquired it from the daughter of the original owner a few years ago. I felt that I would eventually pull the tape off when restoring the game however when I finally looked closely at the tape I immediately decided it should never be removed but remain in place as part of the game’s history. Why you ask? If one can look closely at the tape there is faded writing that reads: High Score 79,940 Andy Nugent Beulah, MI. The high score of a gamer from long ago! The game was purchased near Beulah, Michigan after being in service only a few short years. It thad been in storage since the early 1980's which indicates that the piece of tape has been on the game for 30 years or more! So if you are Andy Nugent or know Andy Nugent let him know the Rally-X that he played so long ago not only exists but he still has the high score!