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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tank Undergoing Restoration

The Atari/Kee Tank I recently acquired is being thoroughly gone through before it is subjected to the rigorous environment of the many arcade enthusiasts who frequent the Tranquility Base Arcade. Board repairs, monitor rejuvenation, cap kit, cleaning, tweaking have all been completed .Nothing is being left to chance. Here she is just after I installed the rebuilt Motorola XM 701 monitor. Tank is almost ready for battle!

Houston...We Are Fixing Problems Here...

The Tranquility Base Arcade has recently completed another upgrade to the onsite Repair Station. As the collection grows and the arcade draws more visitors the amount of repairs necessary to keep the games running grows as well. All board repairs, monitor rebuilds, restorations, etc. are performed by yours truly. Thus, whenever I have the opportunity to purchase a piece of equipment to help me with these repairs I jump at the chance. Recently, I picked up a vintage B&K 467 Analyzer/Rejuvenator and an HP 10529A Logic Comparator. Both pieces of equipment were immediately put to use. If you have a vintage arcade collection these two items are a must have!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Go For Landing!

What in the world is going on at Tranquility Base Arcade? Houston, are extra games landing? Some people say the original lineup is always the best but in the case of Tranquility Base Arcade the lineup keeps getting better and better! A home use only Sprint 2 along with an excellent condition Asteroids Deluxe and a Kee Tank have been unable to stay in orbit and have been pulled in. How is extra room being created? I have no idea but I hope the patrons of Tranquility Base Arcade like the new additions!