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Thursday, December 2, 2010

NASA Phone

For those of you old enough to remember using a rotary phone this is an old North Electric payphone. I wanted to put a working payphone in the arcade but was very disappointed to learn that my current service did not support a rotary dial unit. I wasn't keen on the fact of hanging a phone on the wall that did nothing but loved the old school utilitarian look of the phone. I imagine it is similar to something you would have seen at a government facility such as NASA in the 1960's. Thus, with inspiration from another collector and some elbow grease I created the "NASA Phone." I wired in a playback module with a USB port so you can download various WAV or MP3 files. Of course, I put the sound bite of when Apollo 11 landed at the Sea of Tranquility (Tranquility Base) on July 20, 1969. Now when visiting the Tranquility Base Arcade you can actually hear the astronauts as they land on the moon!