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Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Game Room of the Year

When Gameroom Magazine ceased operation in October 2010 the arcade collecting hobby lost a major inspiration point for homeowners to push forward and create their own unique game rooms. The honor of being immortalized on the pages of the magazine was every home arcade owners dream. Enter the Gameroom Junkies to save the day! In November 2010 Preston and Patrick picked up the slack and began featuring home game rooms on their Gameroom Junkies website. After an entire year of outstanding game room coverage a decision was made to have the arcade collectors of KLOV and elsewhere vote for the best game room of 2011. It was an honor for Tranquility Base Arcade to even be on the list and to win the GRAND PRIZE was just over the top! Thanks Gameroom Junkies! You guys are an inspiration to home arcade owners everywhere! I can't wait to receive my certificate, as it will be proudly displayed inside Tranquility Base Arcade!