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Sunday, May 24, 2009

1981 Midway Gorf

I pulled Gorf out of storage and sent it to the Repair Station.
Gorf, which stands for Galactic Orbiting Robot Force, is generally regarded as the first videogame to feature multiple levels. The game is also among the first to feature synthesized speech. The former owner told me the game may have a joystick problem so I
will pay close attention to that area during the restoration process. Long live Gorf!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sound System Added!

You can now listen to some great 70's and 80's tunes or hear the Apollo 11 moon landing without leaving the arcade! I recently updated the arcade by adding a sound system, which consists of two ceiling mounted speakers in each room. A remote volume control allows you to set the exact level of sound for both rooms! Hi-Fi Works sells a great all-inclusive kit which makes the installation very quick and trouble free. Rock on and blast off!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

There Is Another.....

Last fall I acquired a Paddle-Ball game. The game is a simple Pong clone but it represents Williams first venture into the video game market. Since the game was made by Williams, I figured everything from the manual to the schematic to various parts would be in ready supply. I was wrong – I could find only one other example in existence! Recently, another Paddle-Ball came to light. The game was owned by Gary Hecht of Springfield, New Jersey. Gary sold his Paddle-Ball earlier this month but was kind enough
to send me a few pictures of the game before it was picked up by
the new owner. Thanks Gary! If anyone else has a Paddle-Ball or any information about Paddle-Ball, please contact me!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last summer I acquired six games from the daughter of the original owners. You can read the story of the games here. Among the games were Pac-Man and Berzerk. After I finished restoring Berzerk, I placed it next to Pac-Man. It was the first time in almost 25 years that both games worked! The original owners numbered the games one through six. Pac-Man is number one while Berzerk is number six. Four games to go before the row is complete!