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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Official Tranquility Base Arcade Logo

I could think of no better way to represent the Tranquility Base Arcade than to create a logo based on the Apollo 11 emblem. First, Photoshop was used to enlarge and modify a copy of the original emblem. I then removed all the blemishes, flaws and other imperfections from the artwork. This was a painstaking and lengthy process but necessary in order for the logo to look clean and presentable when printed in a large format. Once the artwork was complete I used a Hewlett Packard Designjet 4500 printer to print the image on plain white paper. A commercial laminator was used to seal the artwork with 3 mil gloss laminate. Next, I carefully cut out the artwork and traced it on a piece of black foam core board. I then cut the foam core board freehand with a sharp Exacto knife. Finally, a spray adhesive was used to mount the artwork to the foam core board. The logo was hung on the wall with Velcro strips around the perimeter. I specifically made the logo with white letters so that when the black lights were on, it would still be visible. “Houston…Tranquility Base Here…The Eagle Has Landed!”

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